Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dev work ongoing...

OK, a brief update. EU visitors to my site should now be first greeted by the cookies banner, and only if they agree to it will Amazon and twitter be loaded. Yay! The work still remaining is to build in the script I posted a few weeks back which decides if this is needed by country code of the visitor. This is because the blogger cookie I am using as the trigger for GDPR cookies acceptance is only written for EU visitors, so that alone cannot be relied upon alone. ie: non eu visitors at present are not going to see ads, resources and the twitter feed. A full post with worked examples will follow.

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  1. update: location aware script has been added. visitors from GDPR countries will not see third party widgets until they agree to cookies. All other visitors will see third party widgets load after a few seconds via an asynchronous write.

    I'm writing up a full description of how this works with full source code. Check back for details .