Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just 48mW :)

My replacement 50R termination arrived yesterday (The magic smoke escaped from the old one, it didnt like 30 watts for some reason!) ;)

So I decided to re-measure the beacon output as the usual x10 scope probes dont always give a good reading from the dummy load terminals.

But, results were much as previous - Im seeing 4.4v p2p - which into 50R is just a shade over 48mW.

To give some perspective - thats about the same output as a bright LED!

But... its enough!

Thats my 48.4mW into a 1/2wave zepp at about 6mAGL - with 10m of RG8 - so probably closer to 45mW at the antenna - arriving over with Bill - W4HBK in Florida.

Grid SquareEM60kj
US StateFlorida
US CountySanta Rosa
Bearing285.7° WNW (from G7NBP)
Distance4355.8 mi (7010.1 km)           

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