Tuesday, November 01, 2011

28MHz QRSS beacon - further tests

Sadly no time last night for anything particularly scientific, but having observed temperatures  about a dozen times last night and again this morning it looks like this:

Condx  = 7.3v supply, in diecast box, in outer box, NO beads, sitting on rack.

probe temp holds at around 7C higher than ambient temp.

As the room temp in here varies between 23 - 26C depending on if lights and monitors are on - the resulting swing on the after an hour or so from power on is 30.4 - 33.8 (from observation).

Heating appears to be significantly less than with a 12v supply.

What I plan to do now is:

a) cut a polystyrene block to fit around the xtal inside the diecast box to reduce temperature changes inside the box from any convection etc

b) re-add the beads to provide thermal insulation from room changes.

.....   Oh... and try and get a wire antenna up today :)

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