Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dweeno talk tonight!

Tonight Im giving my Talk on Arduinos and introducing the club Arduino project, so I had planned a day in the office to finish off the powerpoint presentation and sort out the arduino sketches for tonight. But... so far its not been quite the start to the day I had expected.

First call of the day has been a trip up to the repeater to re-set the logic... again... so now its 10:07. Ive got a brief bit of work to do mid day too. So a chunk of the day has gone already. No time for blogging really, but I am updating a couple of other info and security sites and blogs, so a quick diversion via here wont really hurt much. Then I really MUST get on with stuff, or there wont be a Talk tonight!

Anyway, my main reason for stopping by is to add a quick post pointing to my new storytlr site - which has replaced my old swurl space. Its another stream aggregation system pulling some of my assorted public feeds into one spot. There probably wont be a huge amount of stuff of extra interest there - basically it currently has this feed, twitter status, tumblr pix uploads and blog, my other chrisjw - random thoughts blog (life linux and other geekishness) plus pictyre feeds from picasa and flickr. Oh... and possibly of a little more interest my public bookmarks from delicious. Hopefully storytlr will be a longer lasting replacement for swurl.

I will add a posting later with links to the arduino talk info.

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