Thursday, February 12, 2009

and the other reason for little dweenofurkling is...

and the other reason for little dweenofurkling is... Im just so damn busy with work. Ive still not caught up with all the work I missed over the Christmas break while I was recovering from surgery, and three of my main clients all want me to be doing some fairly major updates right now.

That said, I have found time to start experimenting with the I2C phase of the arduino +DDS project. Basically by the time you have got the DDS60 board and a jog shuttle dial onto the arduino, you are running low on IO pins - the answer is I2C. (yes pix when I get chance!)

Ive used the BV4218 board from ByVac to add a 4x16 char LCD and a keyboard using just two lines from the analog port using the 2 wire lib. Its a great way of saving around a dozen pins. (its well worth a look around the other I2C products from ByVac too)

Im also pleased to report that the Arduino DDS project won first place in the construction competition at Salop Amateur Radio Society tonight too - despite being only proof-of-concept level boards up against some quite stiff competition. (photos will follow)

Too late for more comprehensive updates right now, I will make up for the lack of recent blogging over the next few days once sanity returns to working hours...

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