Friday, October 21, 2011

Ts140 repair

I had a spare few mins this afternoon so I thought I would tackle the intermittent audio fault on my TS140. Previously I had traced it down to the external speaker socket on the rear - it seemed to be dependant on the angle of the audio jack as to weather audio came out of the external speaker - but if unplugged audio did not always return to the internal speaker via the make/break contacts in the socket.

I was hoping a squirt of switch cleaner was going to solve the problem, but no - as I feared it was a broken joint on the PCB under the socket.

Every last nut and bolt out to get to it and the zillion and one mini connectors undone before I could lift the PCB to get to solder the joint. Im not usually squeamish when it comes to repairs, but this one had me sweating! The TS140 was built between the times when you took your rig apart with a hammer, and recent tech where basically you dare not take a bolt out of the case - (and even if you did what would you change?) So it has an overly large number of interconnections and lots of scope for making existing dry joints worse.

Thankfully it now seems happy - Even with the lid on!

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