Monday, June 28, 2010

R7000 refurb finished

After about six months of sporadic cleaning and testing the refurbishment project on my R7000 finally came to a close yesterday. The small tiltover mast has been rotated through 90 degrees to allow the antenna to "walk down" into the garden, and the meteo equipment has been moved onto a stand-off bracket about 1m down from the top to keep it clear of the radials.

Aside from testing resonance of the traps (vaguely inconclusive) I have not had chance yet to air test, mainly as I will need to replace or radically extend my primary coax run to reach the antenna - as although the antenna is only about 15m from the house the coax will probably now a total run length of about 65m to avoid cutting across the drive and patio. I plan to run up a few meters of coax later today and check how it loads up on each of the bands.

Still to do: Add some guy lines (its windy here!) and seal up all the joints with self-amalgamating tape once Im sure its resonant in the right parts of the bands.

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