Sunday, December 21, 2008


Regular watchers of my assorted blogs will have noticed Ive had a bit of a tidy up. As my assorted blogs have covered travel, climbing, mountain biking, running, electronics and radio, astronomy, photography, family, and life in general some of the blogs have got a little dis-jointed and may not have been of interest to everyone all of the time. So it got to be time for a tidy up. Some stuff has been moved, some stuff that didnt have an obvious home has been removed. Hopefully the revised structuring will make a little more sense and will (hopefully!) be easier to stick to.

The G7NBP - Random noise blog continues to focus on experiments in radio and electronics, but now also encompasses some of my Arduino based experiments too, as they generally have relevance to more general radio and electronics hobby areas.

Other blogs and assoreted life streams are of course still being aggregated at my swurl site -

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